Stretching The Truth: Top Car Misconceptions

21 March 2018
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If there is one industry that is filled with myths and misconceptions, it is the automobile industry. Here are a few misconceptions people have about cars: American Cars Are Bad Ask those who don't like American cars their reasons for the dislike, and one of the answers you may get is that American cars are bad or unreliable. This has been repeated so long that many have come to believe it even though they can't say exactly what's wrong with American cars or back up their claim. Read More 

3 Important But Odd Questions To Asked A Used Car Dealer Before You Buy

9 January 2018
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According to USA Today, the average price for a new car is something like $33,500. This is no chump change, and a hefty price tag to see if you don't really have enough funding for a brand new vehicle. By comparison, you can usually find a used car model for a fraction of the cost simply because it has already been used for a while, which makes buying a used car a better fit for a lot of budgets. Read More