Family Meets Performance: Features To Look For In A Car For The Sensible Driver

30 October 2018
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Just because you add a few kids to your family does not necessarily mean you want to give up on an enjoyable ride and trade off your high-performance vehicle for a minivan or family sedan. Believe it or not, there are vehicles out there that are fitting to be used as a family ride and can offer you that high-performance drive that you love.

The Subaru WRX is the perfect example of a vehicle that is built for the driving enthusiast who also needs a sensible ride for their family. But there are many others out there with similar attributes. Take a look at a few features to look for that can meet both your needs and your wants as a driver who appreciates performance and usually has a family in tow. 

Roomy seating throughout the vehicle is obvious. 

One of the biggest problems with most sports cars or high-performance vehicles is they do not offer much in the way of comfortable or roomy seating. These vehicles are built to enjoy the driving experience, so there is not often a lot of attention to the overall comfort and space in the interior. In a vehicle that is built to cater to both family driving and performance desires, you will find a roomy interior where kids and adults can sit comfortably. 

Integrated turbo boost system comes as a standard option. 

Just because you typically drive around with your family in tow, it does not mean that you cannot appreciate a good turbo booster when you drive. Look for a vehicle that comes standard with a turbo package. Many more models have made turbo a part of their motor design because so many drivers appreciate it, whether they are out for a Sunday drive with the family or hitting the open road on their own. 

High horsepower motor and transmission is included as an option. 

Most family style sedans will come outfitted with a lower horsepower motor and probably only the option for an automatic transmission. This is all well and good if you only care about getting from point A to point B, but if you enjoy driving, you're probably going to want a little more under the hood. Vehicles that can feed your need for performance and keep your family safe will give you the option of picking that manual transmission if that's what you want, and you will likely find more horsepower in the motor.