Stretching The Truth: Top Car Misconceptions

21 March 2018
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If there is one industry that is filled with myths and misconceptions, it is the automobile industry. Here are a few misconceptions people have about cars:

American Cars Are Bad

Ask those who don't like American cars their reasons for the dislike, and one of the answers you may get is that American cars are bad or unreliable. This has been repeated so long that many have come to believe it even though they can't say exactly what's wrong with American cars or back up their claim.

It is true that there was a time when American cars lagged behind some foreign cars, but times have changed, and American car manufacturers have caught up with or even surpassed some foreign manufacturers. This is not just marketing copy for American cars; research shows that American cars are just as dependable and reliable as major brands from overseas.

Big Cars Are Safer

Some people also believe that big cars are safe. Like many other misconceptions, this belief has a grain of truth in it because a tiny car colliding with a truck may fare worse than a truck colliding with a truck. Everything considered, however, don't believe that you will be safer on the road just by virtue of driving a gigantic SUV. Here are some of the reasons the belief that big cars are safer is nothing more than a myth:

  • Big cars have a higher center of gravity, which means they are more likely to roll over than small cars.
  • Some cars have advanced safety features, such as braking assist technology, regardless of size.
  • Small cars are more agile and better at avoiding road dangers.

Therefore, while the laws of physics may dictate that big cars are safer than small cars, the reality is that many things besides size also contribute toward a car's overall level of safety. Therefore, research the car you want, scrutinize its safety features, and read its safety history to help you buy a safe car. Don't just focus on size.

Hybrids Are Good for the Environment

This is also one of those beliefs that look good on the surface, but ugly truths come to light when you dig deeper. The main reasons hybrid cars are said to be good for the environment is because they don't emit as much emissions as conventional gas-powered cars. Sure, this is an advantage, because it means less dangerous gases end up in the air.

However, hybrids can only be considered good for the environment if emissions were the only thing that makes cars bad for the environment. In reality, other factors also come into play such as the construction of the car, the car's mileage, how the materials for the hybrid's battery were mined, and how the hybrid's batteries are charged. Considering all these things, it's not a definite say that all hybrids are good for the environment; it can go either way.

As you can see, relying on rumors and hearsay can prevent you from owning the right car. The next time you are buying a car, do your research right and don't rely on rumors if you want to get the right car.

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