3 Repairs Your Power Steering May Need As Your Car Ages

11 March 2021
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To make driving smoother, modern vehicles are equipped with a power steering system, which is essentially a hydraulic system that uses pressure and fluids to make it easier for you to move your wheel and steer your vehicle. When your car's power steering system starts to wear out, your vehicle will be harder to control, and it will feel like it takes more muscle and effort to steer your car.

1: Leaking Fluid

Your power steering uses a particular type of fluid used along with pressure to help move your steering wheel. When the liquid starts to leak, not enough pressure can build up within your power steering system, making it difficult to steer.

When driving, you will feel it is hard to navigate curves and take turns with your car. You may also hear a grinding noise as the fluid drains from the power steering system. If you entirely run out of fluids before addressing the issue, you may burn the power steering pump and cause more damage.

With a leaking power fluid, you will need to add more power steering fluid, and you are going to need to find the leak.

2: Damaged Hoses

Some hoses are attached to your power steering system, used to move fluid through the system. The power steering hoses are located in the engine compartment, near many other parts with which the hoses can create friction. Over time, this friction can wear down the hoses and result in cracks and holes, leading to leaks in your power steering. The hoses can also just become hard over time and crack. It is a good idea to check on all hoses on your vehicle once a year.

3: Old Pump

Your power steering system is powered by a pump that builds up the pressure necessary to make it easy to steer. If you have an older vehicle or one with many miles on it, the pump may start to get worn out over time, resulting in less pressure in your system, which will make steering more difficult. As the pump wears down, you will notice a change in your steering. You may also notice a squealing noise, especially when turning. In this case, you may need to install an entirely new pump, or you may need to install some new seals.

Your power steering makes it much easier to navigate around curves and make turns. Without power steering, it can take a lot of muscle to drive your vehicle. If your steering wheel starts to feel stiff or difficult to turn, or you notice any grinding or squealing noise when turning, take your car in and let them know you think something is wrong with your power steering and it needs repairs.

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