5 Essential Add-Ons And Accessories To Consider For Your New Commercial Truck

10 July 2017
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If you are looking for a new commercial truck, there are lots of features you may want. That's true whether you're shopping at an Isuzu dealer or any other type of commercial truck dealer. However, the truck doesn't necessarily need to offer all the bells and whistles.

In some cases, you may want to choose a truck that meets most of your specifications but then add on aftermarket features. Here are some of the aftermarket features you may want to consider.

1. Ergonomic Seats

An ergonomic seat is essential, especially if you spend hours every day on the road. These seats feature shock absorbers so your back doesn't have to take the bumps on the road. They also boast better lumbar support, adjustable height, and similar features to help make the ride comfortable.

Look for a seat with arm rests to support your arms and take pressure off your neck and upper back, and also look for tall seats with head rests. A commercial truck dealer can usually recommend a quality seat manufacturer to you.

2. Aerodynamic Add-Ons

You may want to look for a commercial truck with great fuel economy, but you should take that number as a starting offer. You can improve the fuel economy of the truck with all kinds of different add-ons. There are special attachments that look almost like sails that you can add to the back of your trailer, and they can reduce fuel costs by almost 6 percent.

There are also side skirts that prevent air from sweeping under the trailer and slowing you down. Switching to a single wide tire instead of two tires can also help to save fuel costs. Based on some estimates, that can lower fuel consumption by 10%.

3. Stereo

When you are making deliveries and driving the truck, you spend a lot of time in its cab. A stereo can help you to stay entertained during those long hours. Consider putting in a stereo with satellite capabilities so you can subscribe to satellite radio which has more options than terrestrial radio.

So that you can connect your phone and listen to podcasts or playlists, you may want to look for an aftermarket stereo that works with an aux cord. Alternatively, you may want a Bluetooth-enabled system.

4. GPS System

Even an experienced driver needs help orienting themselves once in awhile. Looking at a map while driving is nearly impossible, but if you add a GPS to the truck, you can easily figure out where to go. However, GPS systems don't just give you directions.

You may want to look for a GPS that updates you on traffic conditions. That can be a huge time saver and by extension a money saver. If the system lets you know about traffic jams or other issues, you can avoid them and use the system to generate a useful detour.

5. Traction Devices

Mud, ice, and other potentially sticky and slippery situations are bound to come your way when you spend most of your time driving a commercial truck. So that you're always prepared, you should invest in some traction devices.

Chains are the most common options, but you may not want to stop there. There are also traction cleats that you can attach to your rear drive tires. They feature a reinforced strap to hold them in place. You slip them on, use the ratchet to tighten them and then drive. You can use these cleats with chains or on their own.

To get more ideas on the best accessories and add-ons for your new commercial truck, head to a dealer.