Traveling With Dogs: 4 Used SUV Features Ideal For The Family Pet

6 February 2017
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For many people, the dog has truly become a part of the family. This means that when the family travels, the dog also goes with them. Traveling with a dog presents a few more challenges than traveling with a human. It takes a little more planning than just strapping the pup in and going on your merry way. The first step in providing your dog with a safe and comfortable ride is  purchasing a vehicle with features that make it easier to transport them. An SUV typically has the space to accommodate a dog, but finding the best features can go a long way in creating the best situation for traveling. Learn about these features to see what you can find while searching for all types of vehicles.

Third-Row Seating

Bigger dogs can take up a lot of space in the vehicle. This can be a pain, especially if you are traveling with multiple children. The best way to offer extra space for everyone in the vehicle is to shop for a vehicle that features third-row seating. The extra seating can provide a whole area for your dog to lay and relax in. Third-row seating features a lot of expanded space and can really make a difference when you're traveling. If your dog needs to be crated while traveling, then the third row is an ideal place to put the crate. It can be safely buckled in, and everyone else will still have plenty of seating options for the ride.

Fold-Down Seating

As an alternative to third-row seating, you can shop for an SUV with fold-down seating. This type of seating setup is ideal if you have no one traveling in the back of the vehicle. A car seat can be folded down flat. This can help accommodate a large dog crate or give your dog a little extra room to roam around while you are traveling. When a seat is folded down flat, you also have the option of placing a large dog bed in the back of the vehicle. The dog bed can provide extra comfort and provide a soft place for your dog to lay down. When the seats are folded flat, it can also prevent the animal from falling off the seat. If a dog is sitting up high, they can lose balance or fall off if you have to brake suddenly or take a sharp turn. All of this is avoided when seats fold down flat and provide an open area in the back of the SUV.

Extra Storage Compartments

When traveling with a dog, there are a number of extras and accessories that you will have to bring with you on the road. This includes extra collars, leashes, treats, cleanup bags, and plenty of water. By shopping for a used SUV with extra storage, you can have a vehicle with plenty of space to hold all of these items. In the rear of the SUV, look for in-floor storage or cargo nets that can provide you with the extra space you need. Side storage bins also have extra space to properly store items.


All dogs act differently in vehicles. Some may relax, some may get anxious, and some may just be curious about their surroundings. No matter how your dog acts, it's important to travel safely and pay attention to the road. Some SUVs come with barriers that can be installed between the cargo area and the front of the car. Purchasing a vehicle with this feature can help prevent the dog from coming up front and disrupting the driving process.

A used vehicle dealer like Welsh Motors can provide you with a wide range of options and features to choose from. Starting online is a good way to compare vehicles and find your best options.