People To Invite On Your Test Drive With You

23 June 2017
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While it's common to test drive a vehicle you're thinking about buying on your own with just the dealership's salesperson joining you, this isn't the only way to approach this important experience. If you're thinking about having someone else take part in the test drive, a logical person is your spouse or partner — and this is especially the case if he or she will occasionally be spending time in the vehicle. This person's presence will be helpful for assessing the comfort of the passenger seat, for example. There are other people you may wish to invite for the test drive, or to at least sit in the vehicle at the dealership. Here are some suggestions.

An Elderly Family Member

If you have an elderly family member with some mobility challenges, having him or her visit the dealership with you to sit in the vehicle or ride along for at least part of the test drive can be helpful. Those with mobility challenges can often find it difficult to get in and out of vehicles. For example, a vehicle that is higher off the ground can be difficult to step into for someone with bad knees, while a vehicle low to the ground can be difficult to get into for someone with a bad back. If you frequently drive this person around, it will help to have him or her assess the vehicle with you.

Your Children

If you have young children, their presence will be helpful at your test drive. You don't need them to provide feedback on the vehicle, however. Instead, you can assess the vehicle by how easily you're able to put the children's car seats into position, and then help the children in and out of the vehicle. Some vehicles are better designed for car seats and young children than others, and testing this feature out before you complete the purchase will limit the risk of future hassles.

Your Tallest Friend

If you have a friend who is taller than average and frequently rides in your car, you want to be respectful of him or her when you're car shopping. It can be helpful to have the friend visit the dealership with you and sit in the car for a short while. A taller adult can effectively assess whether a particular vehicle has adequate legroom or feels extremely cramped. And, while you might not completely base your decision about whether or not to buy a certain vehicle on your tall friend's comfort, it's valuable to consider.

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