Should You Buy Used Or New Tires?

2 March 2017
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Both new and used tires are available at many tire shops. So which should you go for? Here are some of the things to note with each tire type.

The Benefits of Buying New

New tires are a great decision for someone who wants to pay the price and be done with it. When your tires are in new condition, it significantly reduces your chances of having issues in the near future. However, nothing is certain, and you could hit a pothole or piece of glass that rips through the tire's material. These fluke tire blowouts have become less common, though, as the tire technology has improved; the tire's structure is set up so that an errant shard of glass will encounter a metal layer of the tire before it fully punctures the tire.

When you buy your tires new, they may come with some kind of guarantee that says the tires will be replaced without cost if you experience tire issues within the first 90 days. That's a great guarantee on your money.

The Benefits of Buying Used

On the other hand, buying used tires can be a great choice, too. The tires may have been on vehicles that were totaled, or they might be from manufacturers who had a surplus of tires at some point in time. The point is, the tires might still be in great condition. And, you could potentially get a full set of new (to you) tires for the same price as one brand new tire.

On the other hand, there is a little bit more to consider when choosing new tires. You should always take a look at these tires in person to check on the tread levels of the tires. Also look for any deformities that could lead to the tires blowing out sooner than you'd like. Your tire mechanic will do some tests while the tires are put on the rim to ensure there's a good fit and the tires aren't leaking.

In short, either of these decisions can be a good investment in your car care. But it depends on choosing the right provider for your tires. Make sure that any auto repair shop you choose has good reviews; that way you can be sure the tires are of a high quality, and if there are any major issues the shop should be able to help with a fair arrangement for replacing them. Contact an auto shop like Benchmark Motors INC for more information.